KC VITAs Ghosts, Gourds, and Garland Concert 2023
KC VITAs Presents

2023 Ghosts, Gourds, and Garland

St. Mary's Episcopal Church
Friday, November 10 - 7 p.m.
Sunday, November 12 - 3 p.m.

Jackson C. Thomas, Artistic Director/Conductor

Ghosts, Gourds, and Garlands is a concert with a twist - for each set of music, there is a themed libation and a new performance area!
The ushers will direct you to the south west door after each set to obtain your festive beverage. During that time, your seat will be slightly adjusted to prepare for the next set of music.


Night Wears Black

Juhi Bansal (CT)

Stella Dayrit Roden & Kirsten Hyde, sopranos; Kaitlyn York, mezzo-soprano

The Wind

Philip Wharton (NY)


Kyle Lewis (NY)

As the Night Cereus Blooms

from Evocations
Steven Landis (NC)

Danielle Enriquez-Fowler, soprano; Erin Lillie, mezzo-soprano


For A Fallen Field Mouse

from Birds Gone South
Travis Reynolds (CA)

Stella Dayrit Roden, soprano; Robert Pherigo, piano

Invitation to Love

Brittney Benton (CT)

Songs of Crystal

Caroline Mallonee (NY)

I. Song for Solitude: The Crystal Gazer

II. Winter Dusk


He Came All So Still

Helder Alves de Oliveira (Brasil)

O Magnum Mysterium

Joseph Fong (NY)

New Year

Kota Hayton (MO)

little tree

Anthony Esland (UK)


Katie Brunkhorst
Danielle Enriquez-Fowler
Katie Fischer
Theresa Peterson
Stella Dayrit Roden


Kirsten Hyde
Page Gravely
Erin Lillie
Meghan Welfer
Kaitlyn York


Josh Donaldson
Gabriel Engelhart
Andrew Sanders
Bryan Stenson
Nathan Sullins
Austin Welhoff


Brett Anderson
Timothy Billingsley
JD Daniel
Carter Hintz
Robert Rusca
Austen Schoenborn

Special Thanks

Charles Dickinson
Libby Hanssen
Robert Pherigo
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
Raja Reed
The Simpson House

Thank you to our 2023 Donors for making this possible!

Deb & Paul Babcock
Charles Ballew
Monte Billingsley
Judith Christiansen
Heather Edvenson
Roger & Peggy Edvenson
Johny Ellington
Maithe Enriquez
Andrew Fatout
Brad & Mary Footh
Daniel Fowler
Kent & Fran Gard
Melissa Gard
Michael Golliher
Joseph Gravely

Jack & Marilyn Gregory
Julie & Charles Hayton
Timothy Hazlett
Mark & Rita Hyde
Jesse Lobbs
Linda Martin
Susan McDaniel-Wiggins
Kathy McGinness
Helene Miller
Elizabeth Mulkey
Ronelle Neperud
Mary O’Connell
Natalia Olinetchouk
Michael Paque
Jacqueline Peterson

Adam Petz
Abigail Pires
Janet Podoll
Dale Ramsay
Julian & Adam Reyes
Sally Ryan
Jake Sentgeorge
Jessica Snead
Neil Solomon
Jessica Stone
Kevin & Erika Sweeney
Peter Tremain
Kimi E Yokoyama