Covid-19 Safety Protocols


In accordance with the ArtSafe certification requirements recommended by the Missouri Arts Council, KC VITAs has taken steps to formulate an ArtSafe Plan of Operations to address the pandemic safety needs of our singers, board members, and any future audiences.

To ensure that we may create, present, and attend safely we therefore pledge to:
    1. Require facial coverings
  • All singers, board members, and attendees must enter wearing a facial covering and keep it on for the duration of the time they are on the premises of any venue in use by KC VITAs.
  • In the event of solo singing, singers will be permitted to remove their facial covering for the duration of their performance once they have taken their place on the stage. Facial coverings will be replaced immediately following.
    1. 2. Require social distancing
  • KC VITAs will ensure that a minimum of 6 feet of social distancing can be maintained with a goal of 8-10 feet.
    1. 3. Require and promote a reduced capacity for rehearsals and performances
  • KC VITAs will reduce ensemble size to maximize social distancing
  • Rehearsals will not be longer than 40 minutes in one room with a 20 minute break to ensure a complete air change from the HVAC system. KC VITAs will make an effort to host rehearsals outside when feasible.
    1. 4. Require health checks
  • KC VITAs will require singers, board members, and attendees to take a health screening questionnaire upon entering any venue in use by KC VITAs.
  • Contact tracing protocols will require singers, board members, and attendees to provide full contact information upon entering a venue.
    1. 5. Require enhanced sanitation
  • Hand sanitization will be available at all spaces. Its use, and regular hand washing, will be required.

  • This ArtSafe Plan for KC VITAs must be considered a work-in-progress and will be amended as needed in response to any CDC, national, state, county, and other local COVID-19 safety guidelines.