KC VITAs Presents


Jackson C. Thomas, Artistic Director
Live-Streamed from All Souls Unitarian Church
Kansas City, MO  |  January 31st, 2021  |  3:00 p.m.


“Twinkle, Twinkle” (US PREMIERE) - Anthony Fort (UK, b. 1990)

“His Love Whom I Love” - JD Daniel (MO, b. 1997)

Text by Walt Whitman

JD Daniel, bass; Charles Dickinson, piano

“Penelope” (US PREMIERE)- Cecilia Livingston (UK/Canada, b. 1984)

Kirsten Hyde, soprano; Charles Dickinson, piano

“Outside” (WORLD PREMIERE) - Ben Stevenson (MO, b. 1979)

Text by Lee K. Acton

I. Blue Fire

II. July’s Air

III. Tears of a Hurricane 

Alyssa Toepfer, soprano; Charles Dickinson, piano

10 minute intermission

“Advertisements” (WORLD PREMIERE) - Kian Ravaei (CA, b. 1999)

I. Facial Blemishes

II. Help!

III. Frank Siddalls Soap

IV. Camels Are Made for Men Who Think For Themselves

V. Notice to the Public

Patrick Graham, baritone; Aleia Gonzalez Gulino, guitar

"Canciónes de desamor" (REGIONAL PREMIERE) - Steven Serpa (TX, b. 1976)

Text by Cecilia M. Castillo

I. Por un instante

II. Que queden sin rocio las floras bellas

III. Prefiero mil veces

(translations below)

Stella Dayrit Roden, soprano; Charles Dickinson, piano


“Unloaded” (from Fish) (WORLD PREMIERE) - L.V. Wood (NY, b. 1982)

Text by Kyle Hunter

Patrick Graham, baritone; Charles Dickinson, piano


Por un instante


For a moment you search for my mouth,

With a longing that surprises me,

In a moment of mad anguish,

In a movement you do not rebuke.

And I remain as always

And the kiss is half kept,

Until, after you're gone,

My handkerchief removes it.

Sad fate of your kiss

That from my lips disappears,

And although it is quite true

That I do not love you,

I feel my soul becomes saddened.


Que queden sin rocio las floras bellas

Let the beautiful flowers remain without dew,

I've been left without your smile anyway,

Do not let the stars come to the night,

Do not let the soft breeze move on the sea.

A fight remains in the heart,

The soul is no longer obligated,

no longer submitted,

Turn off the most beautiful of lights,

Taking the sound of your laughter with you.

You turn away from my life and leave a dent,

In a body that without you is scandalized,

In the fervent eyes of your footprint.

You take the flame of my love,

Your kisses become ash,

And my lips are sealed by weeping.

Prefiero mil vices


I prefer a thousand times

To see you from afar

Knowing your eyes look at me no longer.

I prefer not to talk to you

And continue to suffer

Knowing you are free from thinking of me,

My feelings affect you no more.

For disenchantment

Has tarnished the desire

Of kissing you tenderly.

The days pass,

Sleepless hours,

Sometimes I remember with great pain

That you're not mine,

That I do not belong to you,

But there was love between us...

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