KC VITAs Presents

feeld songs

a world premiere performance
Music by Michael Genese
Text by Jos Charles
Jackson C. Thomas, artistic director/conductor
Tabitha Reist Steiner, harp
May 30th 2021
St. James Catholic Church - Liberty, MO - 2:30 p.m.
Online Broadcast
June 13th, 2021 - 3:00 p.m.


Isolation Meditation - L.V. Wood (b. 1982)

feeld songs - Michael Genese (b. 1994)

I. its ther / inn the feeld

II. fete upended

III. & if the earth is flat

IV. lik daye lite on hils

V. deepre eech yere

VI. befor the

VII. the principld skye

VIII. wondoe / that is the whorld

IX. mothe inn the guarden

X. Medalyons


I. its ther / inn the feeld (Poem XIV)

its ther / inn

the feeld / the waye 2 inclose

& disclose a treee / more than a sirfase

bent / thees grenes / i dont kno

wuts up / with the grls pickyng off its

leeves / wite hote & broke

harted / they r so genral / inn

a present sort off clamer / room

enuff at least for clamer /

they wade

inn the whar / they

bring the boyes home

II. fete upended (Poem XIV)

incist on disernyng /

how 2 clime a treee / 2 see

wut / how a boye grips the tip /

visits gode / or recoyles

2 a feeld / fete upended / unshod

inn his mirk / he gets the donkeye /

the leefie waste / but wut

is it abot a tran / rumaged

inn the leef / such pirchesse / she is not

the greene

but its pirchesse / a det

without credit / her whorld

is the end off her rate / grls

lke us / such lite

/ dont get boye frends

III. & if the earth is flat (Poem XX)


& if the earth is flat / how manie

folder inn its deep / & if the folde

is deep / how the reserve 2 its pockette

/ & if the pockette

is a boye / & indeede the pockette

is allways a boy / who sirfases

pitt from plum / the poyse

off a treee / a whord from its thynge

/ if not u / mye cist / mye preshus crook

/& if the hors knew

the feeld from its bit /

wut is or isnt a book

IV. lik daye lite on hils (Poem XLI)



up the powre

line / hung

bye the needel inn my tree / wut

have u done with mye needel

they speech / it

was the goldennest

inn all ur filletted out

spleen / & wut cums

out / so poor inn me /

stop caling me he /

spils lik lite /

pleese / lik daye lite on hils /

a loss / being seen

V. deepre eech yere (Poem XVII)



mye thynges / from

a street flore / an empty

bag at nite i bend /

deepre eech yere / ur wate on

mye bak / wet

on my mussle / a figure

apeerynge / inn the distanse

VI. befor the (Poem XIX)


befor the hemorage / the folde / befor the folde / the

wharing / befor the wharing / the hiv / befor the hiv /

the boye / befor the boye / the scrypt / off the mothe

the grothe the 1 abot fat / befor the scrypt / off the

mothe the grothe the 1 abot fat / the byrn / befor the

byrn / the breasthes glome / befor the breasthes

glome / the wite pryeng off the lindene / befor the

wite pryes / the wite / befor the white / the manie

brayks inn the white / but who wil hart the

lindene / my preshus harted & wisterlie lindene

VII. the principld skye (Poem XXXIII)


i care so

much abot the whord i cant

reed / it marks mye bak

wen i pass / with

a riben in mye hare / undre the principld

skye / ther is no

vulnerabilitie / onlie wut

protrudes / & thees lyons

leckynge mye woond / expectynge

2 finde / a woond / ther is historie

inn this / wood

VIII. windoe / that is the whorld (Poem LIV.)


wen the grls handeld mye

spor / they lookd back un

2 themself / thru the bath

room windoe / that is

the whorld / ther wited

swalows unexistant inn a heep / o

u who unforl me / how manie

holes wuld blede / befor

u believ / imma grl

IX. mothe inn the guarden


tonite i wuld luv to rite the mothe inn the guarden / 2

greev it / & as a mater off forme / did u kno

not a monthe goes bye / a tran i kno doesnt dye /


shye off 27 / its such a plesure to be alive /

inn this trembeled soot / u lent / shock is a

struktured responce / a whord lost inn the mouthe

off keepers / & u thum at the mothe / a dozen bes /

i tetherred thees nites / i gathred so manie treees

X. Medalyons (Poem LVI)


speeching off treees

from the insied / u can growe

deer 2 one / onlie from the insied / i took pryde


inn wut was droped /

wen nothynge was inn

site / mye pryde

was inn ur leeves / wher

medalyons culd be



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