Submissions are now open for KC VITAs' signature concert series. Featuring only works by living composers, the annual Summer Series has become one of Kansas City's most anticipated musical events. The series includes choral works, vocal chamber ensembles, and art songs. 

Submissions are accepted in three categories:

Composers may submit one work per category (up to three total). Submissions will be accepted until March 15, 2020. Submission forms can be accessed through the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a submission fee?

No. At KC VITAs, we are passionate about creating opportunities for all composers, especially early-career composers and composers from marginalized and under-represented communities. It is common practice for performing ensembles and organizations to charge submission fees in order to help offset the significant costs and time involved in the adjudication and evaluation of hundreds of submissions. Like many of our peer institutions, we followed this model for a few years for exactly that reason. However, our goal is to elevate and introduce new music to a wide community of listeners by performing the works of living composers. We realized that it is antithetical to our mission to impose financial burdens on the very creators we wish to encourage. After serious consideration, we abolished the fee.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists solely on the generous donations of our community. We do not charge admission for our concerts and we do not charge fees for submissions. We rely solely on the generosity and support of our community. We believe the arts are for everyone and that creating, supporting, and funding the arts is a shared responsibility. We encourage anyone, composers included, to help advance our mission to promote new music through a tax-deductible donation. Visit our support page for more information.

Does my submission need to be anonymous?

No. In past years, we have run anonymous calls, but this year we're trying something new. We want to get to know the composers whose music we promote. Music and the arts are a community effort built on the perspectives of a diverse collection of individuals. We are committed to improving representation of all voices in the arts, but it is difficult to make conscious, intentional choices to represent and elevate marginalized voices if we are forced to evaluate music without knowing anything about the person who composed it. For that reason, we have changed our procedure. Scores no longer need to be anonymous and we encourage composers to tell us about themselves, their journey as an artist, and what inspires their music.

Is there a prize or other payment for selected works?

This is not a competition, so there are no prizes. KC VITAs runs on the passion and dedication of its volunteers. The choir members, nearly all of whom are professional musicians, volunteer their time because they love the music and are dedicated to the mission. We do not charge for admission to our concerts, and we do not charge a submission fee for our calls. The Summer Series is one of the best-attended annual events of a musically-vibrant city. Our inaugural concert was standing-room only. While we wish that it was possible for us to pay each composer, singer, and administrator for their time and expertise, the reality of non-profit arts is that we are here for the love of it. Each composer will receive a high-quality digital recording of their work following the performance.

Additional Information

Questions? Contact

All submissions will be held in consideration for future programming. We will retain composers' contact information in order to communicate with you directly about any works under consideration for future programs.